Season Review

Last season was an interesting and diverse year. The big wet experienced early in the year meant access to the Bay was delayed and our first few weeks were spent between Port Douglas and Lizard Island. Great weather and fishing meant the change of plans had little impact and fun was had by all. We got into the bay just before Easter and found the fishing to be as good as always landing quite a few large Barra and Threadfin Salmon.

In our break between the first and second half of the season the accommodation cabins underwent refurbishment, with changes being made to bunks and storage configuration.

The 2nd half of the season produced regular catches of Large Mouth Nannygai, Coral Trout and GT’s.  Large Mouth Nannygai were the stars with many massive specimens being caught. Some exceptional species for the year include big Dog Tooth Tuna, Black Marlin, 50lb GT’s, and some very big Maori Wrasse (handled carefully and safely released of course!).

We were lucky enough to finish off the season with great weather and a couple of trips to the outer reefs.  Fishing with poppers and soft plastics in the clear shallow waters was an unforgettable visual experience as the diversity of species was astounding. Large Wrasse, Red Bass and GT’s were in abundance and all putting up great battles ... sometimes we won, and sometimes the fish would make mince meat out of our gear and emerge the victors. Every battle had the same result though, it left us wanting more and we can’t wait to get back up there.

See you onboard in 2012!

I have fished all my life and I have never experienced anything that compares to the excitement and hilarity that took place this week. The people and the fish are some of the friendliest in Australia

Jimmy, Newcastle, NSW